About Streaming Video 

Streaming video allows video with sound to begin play within a small window as data flows from the server. The streaming video data only occupies temporary storage space on your computer, or you can choose (3) download, to save the video on your computer to play anytime.

  REAL Player Basic  is the FREE application that makes this possible, but click a preview link first to see if your current media player can display the video.

At the REAL.com page you will find the link for the FREE player download located usually lower down on the page. Scroll down a little to find it. 
The other links will deliver a fancy version for a fee.

steamboat regatta video
VHS tape - 1 hour 20 minutes

Streaming Video  Preview
 ~ one minute playtime ~

1) Steamboat Regatta - Preview 56k
2) Steamboat Regatta - Preview DSL/Cable
3) Steamboat Regatta - Download

REAL Player 






More Streaming Video
-about one minute playtime-
1) Steambike 56k                        
2) Steambike DSL/Cable
3) or download it

1) Stanley Roasted Peanuts 56k
2) Stanley Roasted Peanuts DSL/Cable
3) or download it

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