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The Great
Sacramento River Delta
26th Annual
Steamboat Regatta 2000

~ A Steam Gazette Video ~

A Digitally shot and mastered VHS video action journal that covers
2 fabulous days and nights of steaming on the Delta.

Includes 3 operating Stanley Steamers in action around the marina, and excursions aboard several steam launches throughout the weekend. This first person adventure unfolds as you become the guest aboard. You will enjoy close-up detail examination of some very outstanding specimens of finely crafted vintage and contemporary steam transport for 
proper gentlemen and refined ladies.

Below are thumbnails of actual frames captured from this video.
Click the images to enlarge.

shanandoah-long-deck.jpg (51309 bytes) amerian.jpg (52262 bytes) shanandoah-whistles.jpg (32572 bytes) shanandoah-whistle-4.jpg (27471 bytes) shanan-cherylann.jpg (45531 bytes) leviathon.jpg (46470 bytes)
naragansett.jpg (33367 bytes) san-joaquin.jpg (56739 bytes) bartsmalders.jpg (45004 bytes) simpson.jpg (62068 bytes) ronparola.jpg (31751 bytes) parola 2.jpg (35787 bytes)

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VHS - 1 hour 20 minutes

Only $20 + $3.00 Priority Mail = $23 Delivered
Shipping is only $3 per order of 1 or more tapes sent to same address-
International shipping $7 = $27 Delivered
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