-Photo Album-
 Many of the photos come from the personal albums of Christopher Roberts and Pat Farrell 
Others are from individual steam car owners and enthusiasts.  "Thank you" one and all for your contributions!
Over time, ownerships change, and we update as the information becomes available, and as time allows.

We believe that information that is provided to us is accurate, and we will gladly post corrections as provided by you.
I hope that you enjoy this Photo Album of currently operating steamers!
(Stanleys, SVs, Locomobiles, Whites, Dobles and a Brooks, and a Prescott too)

There are over 200 photos, 6 auto-thumbnails per page (click images to enlarge)
(thumbnails are only 3k-4k each)
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Centennial  Mt. Washington Hill Climb Centennial 36 pix!

Vintage Photos  - click here

Since 2006, I post most photos at 1000x860

I used to post most images on these pages at 640x480 pixels
and use JPEG format with 50% compression
This gives an average 40k file size
(Thumbnails are much smaller, 3-5k)

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