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University of Pennsylvania
Stanley Performance Testing 1917


Steam Calliope in 1910 White Steamer.
I found these photos among a large collection of Inland Riverboat photos
 at the Public Library of Cincinnati online. .
Car owned by Capt. E.E. Eisenbarth,   Marietta, Oh., 1910
- JW - Admin


Apparently, E.E. Eisenbarth
was Capt of the
Showboat 'Cotton Blossom'
A Floating Theater

And this is the
'Cotton Blossom' calliope





  Stanley Steamer Model 72 - vintage photo  

Stanley Steamer Model 72 - Vintage Photo


Here are the only pictures of an original Model 72 known to exist.  The car is the same in both pictures.  This car was owned by Homer Kruntz, who was Clarence Marshall's bookkeeper. -  Ken Hand


     1905 Stanley Model B -  Larry Hornby - Family photos


The Besler Brothers posing with their steam powered
Travel Air 2000 bi-plane conversion.

Click image for info,
more pix & a video

"Steam is is not the right engine for aircraft. Most steam enthusiasts cannot separate engineering fact from dreams and fantasy".

Bill did this for only one reason, as he explained to me: "What would you do if you now owned the patents for the lightest, most efficient and most powerful steam engine system yet known, and wanted to make it publicly known in the most dramatic fashion?"  

Sure, put one in an airplane and fly it.

..... James Crank



Eugene L. McAllaster
1866 - 1946
Prominent Seattle Naval Architect and Engineer
Designer of the Historic Seattle Fireboat the Duwamish

The Duwamish fireboat was steam powered so it was only natural that when the McAllasters bought a new car in 1913 it was a Stanley Steamer. Gene, being an engineer, enjoyed his automobiles. They affectionately named each automobile they owned. They named their shiny new 1913 Stanley Steamer "Princess Angeline" in honor of Chief Sealth's daughter.


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Dear Elliott,
    I received your interesting photo today.  From my records, a bit about it:
The owner is F.H. Mason of Spokane, Washington, sitting is his 1908 Maxwell model HC 2 cylinder 90" wheel base touring.  The Maxwell appears to be stuck in the soft sand as the rear hub caps are below the water line and the front tires are barely getting wet.  I notice that the headlights, and tail lights have been removed as the car awaits it's demise from the incoming tide.  Mr. Mason soon had this license plate number transferred to his Packard.  This could have been the last photo of this nice Maxwell.
This story is often played out on our Pacific Coast Beaches.  The sand is nice to drive on and it feels like cement below the tires because of the pounding surf.  But beware, there are soft spots that often claim your vehicle to the incoming tide, happens nowadays as it did in 1908.


SL Norah - river ambulance in India cir. 1916 Steam tug Restless - SF 1920 ish unknown - nice lines Pram - river steamer  
Steam Launch Cosmos Turkish steamer on Tigris River near Baghdad - 1915   A few interesting old boats - JW Admin

      Vintage 1907 EX  photo from Pat Farrell's collection  

      The Rolly archive believes this may be the same EX as above  


       Here's some old photos from Ralph Van Dine's papers.
         - M Zerega
  Deans of Steam - Ralph Van Dine in his 1912 Model 63

Ralph was an employee of the Stanley company toward the end.
Retired from the MTA in Boston.



Deans of Steam - Clyde Simmons
Mr. Simmons with his car at a
Laurel Racetrack Meet (I believe) in the '50s.

1925 SV has a note on the back that reads,
"S.C.A. 529 66th Street; Oakland, 9, Calif; Olympic 6284"

1939 Vermont plates (might check with Don Bourdon).
Is it a 63? A 70?
1926 SV Model 262
Note on the back says "Serial No. 26008 (?)
Four Wheel Hydraulic Brakes
Photo taken in Summer 1952; R.L. Hempel; 944 W. 34 St.; K.C. Mo."
Bus with Stanley Steamer on the side. I do not know if it's steam powered. The tag says "Mass 24," I think. And the building in the background has a sign that says "County Commissioner Democratic Election Nov 6"


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your site is very good!
I send you the pitures of reclame-annonces of russian steam cars from 1901-1903.
Manufacturer "DUX" (J. Meller & Co) in Moscow have built steam cars of amerinan licence from company "Locomobile" with the brand "Dux-Loomobile" or "Dux-Paromobile" (The russian wor PAR is to english STEAM).
"Dux" maked alsi bicycles, motorycles, benzin and electric automobiles, motor boots and airplans.
Best regards, Stanislav Kiriletz 
(A Russian from Germany)









Thomas Edison 
and White Steamers

Thanks to Jim Merrick - Archivist/Stanley Museum

edison-whites-sm.JPG (149607 bytes)
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Thomas Edison and two White steamers in _Harper's Weekly_ I:2581, p.809
(June 9, 1906). Edison is standing between the two cars; the man at the
wheel of the White on the left (bearing both Penn. and NJ plates) is
Edison's son, Charles - the car on the right holds Edison's two laboratory
assistants. The location was the chain bridge leaving Washington, DC, for
Leesburg, Va. The description with the photo is as follows:

"Thomas A. Edison has gone to Charlotte, North Carolina, to investigate
some reputed properties of cobalt, the mineral which, it is said, is
essential to the perfecting of the new storage battery which Mr. Edison has
been working upon for so long, and which, it is expected, will revolutionize
the commercial use of electricity. Mr. Edison travelled from his home in
Orange, New Jersey, to North Carolina by automobile. His party, consisting
of his son Charles and two of his laboratory assistants, made the journey in
two steam automobiles, one of which was supplied with a fully equipped
laboratory in charge of expert chemists."

Donald Eckel
1935-derby-sm.JPG (109000 bytes) The earliest picture I have of the 1914 Stanley and Earle S. Eckel -
...taken November, 1935 at the Philadelphia Auto Derby.
Of course, the AACA was founded there during that show. 
You will note the cars on the street- they are modern for 1935,
...the antique cars are parked! 
By this time he had been running the Stanley since 1917-
... it got its first new boiler in 1928!

-- Donald Eckel


1948-sm.jpg (71284 bytes)

1950-PopularScience-sm.jpg (94028 bytes) 1954-sm.jpg (81186 bytes) 1970.jpg (64912 bytes)
1948 = click here for largest 1950 = click here for largest 1954 - click here for largest 1970


Pat Farrell  ~click images to enlarge ~        


Postcard - 1909 White

Postcard - 1915 Model 820

1906 White model F.jpg (29188 bytes) Stanley-Taxis-in-1915.jpg (105262 bytes) vintage-photo-1899-locomobile.jpg (46883 bytes) 1901 Locomobille1.JPG (54495 bytes)

1906 White model F

Stanley Taxis

1899 Locomobile

1901 Locomobile

1903 Stanley Model C.jpg (56148 bytes)

1904 Stanley Mdl C 6.5 hp panel Seat runabout.jpg (71831 bytes)

1906-7 Stanley Model-F

1912 Stanley model 87 7 passenger.jpg (58649 bytes)

1903 Stanley Model C

1904 Stanley
Model C 6.5 hp
1906-7 Stanley Model F 1912 Stanley
Model 87  7 passenger
1922 model 735.jpg (43341 bytes) 2419 White with tree down.jpg (126988 bytes) Band on Pikes Peak.jpg (111917 bytes) model 85.jpg (61256 bytes)
1922 Stanley Model 735 White with tree down Band on Pikes Peak 
Stanley Mountain Wagon?
Stanley Model 85
Pikes Peak water stop.jpg (98323 bytes) White touring 2419.jpg (55323 bytes) 1903 Prescott.jpg (56448 bytes)
Pikes Peak water stop White touring 1903 Prescott 1907 Stanley Model EX



Per Nielsen

As a follow up on the 'mystery photo', here are the rest of the photos on glass dias, found together with the photos of the Stanley assembly factory and the Mathiesen & Ernst adverticement.

RoskildeKro.jpg (50811 bytes) Skibsmotor.jpg (35650 bytes) Kedel.jpg (33604 bytes)

ROSKILDE KRO: A condensing Stanley in front of the Inn in Roskilde (not far from Copenhagen). The name "Roskilde Kro" is over the entrance to the building. The Copenhagen licenceplate reads K16 or K76. The owner off K16 was Aage Mathiesen, Gl. Kongevej 1C, acording to the numberbook of 1917. Is it the same Mathiesen that deals Stanleys a few years later? The owner of the other number, K76, was Hagen Jrgensen acording to the numberbook of 1919. The deadline for the numberbooks was july. The numberbooks have only licenceplatenumber, name and adress, not the car. By identifying the year of this Stanley, perhaps the owner can be identifyed.

SKIBSMOTOR: Can you identify this steam engine.

KEDEL: Can you identify this boiler?

DaimlerV2.jpg (50533 bytes) Montagehal.jpg (33175 bytes) Lastbil.jpg (25354 bytes) Motor.jpg (41543 bytes) 

DAIMLER V2: A photo of a drawing or perhaps a print from a book. The drawing is clearly a Daimler. The way the valves are moved is unique for the Daimler construction.

MONTAGEHAL: A photo of a danish car assembly shop. The sign on the wall reads: "Tobaksrygning er forbudt" translated: Smoking of tobaco is not allowed. It is not possible for me to read the letters or numbers on the casing below the fan. The valve house is caracteristic. Can you identify the car?

LASTBIL: Is a condenser mounted in front of this truck? Could it be a Henchel?

MOTOR: A steam engine and boiler for a ship. Can you Identify it?


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