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Steve and Wesley Harcourt - altosteam@juno.com

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Thanks!....................... could you maybe add the picture of the
builder's plate also and ask if anyone knows about the company that built
it, or who built it, and if anyone knows if there are any more existing in
the world. Also could you put our E-Mail address there so if anybody
knows, then they could send us the info via E-Mail. 

I think my dad already mentioned this, but if he didn't I will. The bedplate, columns, and the
thrust bearing are all one casting. I wouldn't want to be the patternmaker
or the machinist who did the machining on that sucker!

Below is a photo of our boiler for the engine. It's a 200sq.ft. 40
horsepower triple pass dry back scotch. It weighs 4800 lb dry! It is 4
feet in diameter and about 7 feet long. Running pressure at 150 pounds
per square inch. We moved it into our back yard the way that the
Egyptians moved their boilers but we cheated a little. We rolled it on
logs and pulled it with a two ton come-along until it was near the
correct position then pulled it sideways an two long logs for 15 to 20
feet with the come-along to where it sits now.