Windermere Steamboats 

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Windermere Steamboat Museum

  Steam Launch Dolly  1850  

Although Dolly originally steamed on Windermere, she sunk on Ullswater in the great frost of 1895 where she lay forgotten until 1960. When she was recovered in 1962, her boiler was still in good condition and she used it to get up steam for another ten years. The Guinness Book of Records lists Dolly as the oldest mechanically powered boat in the world.

  Steam Launch Osprey  1902  

Osprey was originally a steamboat, although she has now been converted to diesel power. Her engine was probably first installed in Water Viper, which is also here at the Museum. Osprey's sister ship, S. L. Swallow, is used for passenger cruises.

  Steam Yacht Esperance  1869  

Esperance is the oldest boat on the Lloyds Register of Yachts. She was built on the Clyde for H. W. Schneider, a local industrialist who lived at the Belsfield in Bowness. Her hull is made from the finest grade iron produced by Schneider's company. She was used as 'Captain Flint's Houseboat' in the BBC version of Ransome's "Swallows and Amazons".


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