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Robert E. Wilhelm's 1918 Model 735B 7-passenger Touring Stanley Steam Car - an excellent research and restoration expose' on the 735 and The Stanley Motor Carriage Co.

 What is a Stanley Steamer? - excellent website showing a basic working relationship of the major systems of a 1918 735 condensing car

Stanley Production Specifications 1901-1927  

White Steam Automobiles - a new site for White Steamers

Steamer Parts/Services 

Hello John,I live in Olds,Alberta Canada.Beautiful country here.

The Stanley Steamer rubber parts I worked on was a 1910 model.When I was restoring the parts I never had the car in front of me.It was a request that a customer had made that he needed runningboard mats, made with the stanley emblem on it..that usually is the procedure, I never get to see the cars!Just the parts.Thats why your site is just the cats meow!!ha! I have been trying to find out the name of that customer for about 4 years as all previous business records have been placed with a trustee!From my previous employer.And there was only one Stanley Steamer job.Too bad.I'd like to help restorers and make their mats for their steamers.Thats why I started this small business.

I dont know if you had a chance to see my site yet.It's a continuous work in progress though.But basically yeah I can remanufacture any rubber part or runningboards that you can't buy anymore.It is a lot of work but I feel honoured to have taken part in helping restore a piece of history!
The parts that I can make, you cant buy at a supplier anymore because they are discontinued.Thats the service I offer.I just hope I can be of service to restorers!

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John Goold Vintage Steam Restorations Ltd.
Camerton, Bath. BA2 0PG
    Stanley parts, boiler work, engine rebuilding, steam valves etc. John Goold   
      * www.stanleysteamcarparts.co.uk 
      Phone:00 44 (0)1761 470806
      Fax:00 44 (0)1761 470581

    Steam Cylinder Oil & Bearing Lubes - Purchase Online - Fall City, WA.

    Steam Man Inc.   Alan Kelso's Steam Car Parts and Repairs - Pennsylvania

    Bourdon Boiler Works - bourdonboiler@aol.com 

    Vintage Steam Products new3.gif (925 bytes)- Fine Reproductions and Machine Work

    Lucas Automotive  new3.gif (925 bytes)- Classic and Vintage Tires - California & Ohio  locations    sales@lucasclassictires.com

    Steam Automobile Club of America - SACA  - Great reference books, activities, news, old and newer stuff

    Reliable Steam Engine Company - Nice engine castings, boilers, reference, and links

    OldTimeTech.com - Jerry Blain makes steam sirens and whistles  for steamboats, steam cars, and locomotives

Everything Else

The Virtual Steam Car Museum - Steam car research and resources - Donald Hoke, Dallas, TX.

The New England Model Engineering Society

 The Steam Car Club of Great Britain

British Steam Traction, and more    

Kew Bridge Steam Museum - London

Northwest Steam Society


A Stanley SV project site - Don Hoke

Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society

Steamboatin' in New Zealand  Russell Ward's Romany

 Steamboating - for Steamboat owners, builders, and dreamers

 Stanley links - from Automotive World Magazine  DampfenWankel - Steam Wankel info and great animations by Andy Paterson 

Enginion - innovative steam related technology  - PDF white paper shortcut 

 Modern Steam Car Projects - by Peter Brow 

 Pritchard Steam News - an Automotive Engineering perspective 

Vintage Steam Products
 Fine Reproductions and Machine Work

  Mike Brown Steam Engines and Alternative Energy Products

The Steam Boat Association of Great Britain Bulletin Board

Howard Henderson's Model A powered aircraft  

Howard Henderson's Geneva Steamer

Howard Henderson builds a Locomobile

Antique Engines

Coolspring Power Museum 

CrackPot Inventor - CNC wizard

OldMarineEngine.com ~ very nice marine engine site 

New England Wireless and Steam Museum

Mississippi Riverboat Cruise 

Steam Land Speed Record News

STEAM land Speed Record - The British Steam Car Challaege   

Steam Engine Books ONLINE

Stanley Museum - Kingfield Maine

Stirling Cycle Hot Air Engines

Phantom Boats, pop-pop steamers  lightbulb1.gif (981 bytes)

Doble Steam Cars

new1.gif (159 bytes) Doble Archive1  U.C. Berkeley Bancroft Library

new1.gif (159 bytes) Doble Archive2  U.C. Berkeley Bancroft Library

The Steamboat Association of Great Britain   

Early Steam Engines 1690-1840  new3.gif (925 bytes)

Automotive Facts from 1600 to Present

Steamboat Notes

Steamboat Ed - shop & steam stuff    

Toyota Museum's 1909 Stanley

Harrolds Old Engine Links  new3.gif (925 bytes)lots of classified links to engines and stuff

Buzz's Boat Yard Toy boats & pop-pops

BayCom Networks- Telephone systems and data networks - this is the day job!


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