Phorum Posting Hints
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Link to a photo or web page:

 To make a link within your post to a specific photo, anywhere on the web, get the individual photo displayed on your monitor and copy the URL from the address field of your browser and paste it into your post. You can type it in, but one typo will make it fail. 

[A photo or web page has an address, it is called a URL, Uniform Resource Locator, if anyone cares]

1) Click the URL to select it, it will turn blue.

2) Then right click and select [copy] from the pull down menu. This makes a copy of the selected area (the url)

3) Re-open your Phorum composition page and click to place your insertion point (cursor) where you want the link to the photo to appear.

4) Right click, and choose [Paste] from the pulldown menu.

5) The URL should now appear in your post composition form. 

6) To make this URL appear as a link after it is posted, simply enclose the URL in angle brackets   <like this> 

7) If you post a mistake, email me and I will edit it 4 u-

Phorum Appearance/Display:
The Navigation Bar can display 2 different sets of links depending upon whether you are browsing the Topic List or a Message List (Thread). Click [Go To Top] to browse Topic List, [Older Messages] to turn the page.

If all messages appear as NEW, just click the Navigation Link [Mark All Read]. Only messages posted after this will be marked NEW.

Your screen resolution should be set to at least 800x600.

I hope this helps, and apologies are extended if this adjustment has confused you.

All feedback is appreciated and will be considered. Your response is the only way that I know how well the forum is working for you.