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stanley post card.jpg (27320 bytes)
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1901 Locomobille1.JPG (54495 bytes)

1901 Locomobile

1999 Doon Heritage Crossroads Village in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada2.jpg (68755 bytes)

Photo from Jan-Feb 2001 
Horseless Carriage Gazette front cover!

Stanley-Taxis-in-1915.jpg (105262 bytes)

Stanley Taxis 1915


leno-stanley.jpg (100793 bytes)

Jay Leno out in his Stanley

coburn-vanderbilt.JPG (57244 bytes)
Vanderbilt Racer - (very Fast)
Coburn Benson (left)
photo by George Nutz


1900McCallLocomobile.jpg (55876 bytes)

1900 Locomobile
Jim & Marilyn McCall

old-coppertop-upclose.JPG (49160 bytes)

Ol' CopperTop
Fran Guldenbrein


con-fletcher-dragon.JPG (91682 bytes)

Con Fletcher's Dragon


1913 Stanley Roadster Rolls Again
by Pat Farrell

1913-Stanley-roadster-Bob-Sullivan1.JPG (43696 bytes) 1913-Stanley-roadster-Bob-Sullivan2.JPG (46337 bytes)

steamy-blur.JPG (12930 bytes)

"In a cold garage in Olympia, Washington, under the careful guidance and skilled hands of Alan Kelso, Bob Sullivan's 1913 Stanley was brought back to life after over 50 years of sitting idle. An original unrestored car, it has many of the details that today's fully restored cars lack. The blurred photo was our best attempt to catch the Stanley under steam. It was traveling too fast to get a good photo!"


1913Model78-1.jpg (124202 bytes) 1913Model78-2.jpg (125716 bytes) Model72 -2.jpg (107416 bytes) Model72-1.jpg (123147 bytes)

Old Photos from the Ken Hand Collection


1910 Model 71 Jim Keith.jpg (87823 bytes) StanleyCX1.JPG (78646 bytes)

stanley01.jpg (207462 bytes)

1910 Stanley Model 71
James Keith
A Brighton CX Wilson, NY


1901 Locomobile-license2.jpg (51991 bytes) 1901 White-BW.jpg (79596 bytes)

Dear Steamer Friend,
The April 2001 edition of the "ALPCA Register" magazine had these two steamer photos in it. I wanted to share them with you. 
"American License Plate Collectors Association" . In New York, owner's initials were first used as license plate numbers starting in April of 1901. 100 years ago!
from your friend in SSsssteam - Pat


stanley-roller.jpg (40068 bytes) stanley-roller2.jpg (47429 bytes) Stanley-750-Paris.jpg (32288 bytes) Stanley-750-Paris2.jpg (39424 bytes)

Photos from the Bob Noble collection


1915-mywagon.jpg (55983 bytes)

steamer-race1sm.jpg (45207 bytes)

Dougherty  Mt Wagon
photo by Pat Farrell
~ Great Race! - Danville, Ill. ~
Photo by Grant Maclaren


A-Ford-Pietenpol.jpg (53502 bytes)

A-plane.jpg (14421 bytes)

 Model A powered Pietenpol
~ Low & Slow ~
not steam, but cool - pix by Grant Maclaren


1909-White-O-roadster-Nick-Howell.jpg (88737 bytes)

White Steamer on Tour - Mt. Shasta, Ca.
1909 White Model O Roadster
~Nick Howell~


curbside.jpg (77501 bytes)

onramp.jpg (72712 bytes)

This Pebble Beach class winner,
1909 Stanley Model R,
was assembled by Loren Burch
and it's owner, Al Martin.
It was recently donated to the
Stanley  Museum by the family of Al Martin, from his estate.
new1.gif (159 bytes) see more Shasta photos
by Roger McGuire


lutza2.jpg (46765 bytes)

lutza7.jpg (60141 bytes)

lutza1.jpg (43946 bytes)

burner2.jpg (40993 bytes)

1910 Stanley model 70 ~ Bud and Jeane Lutza


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