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Leviathan Goes to
Steamboat Heaven
Delta News by John Woodson


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Leviathan is going to steamboat heaven:

  The Historic Naval Ships Association
  The Navy Museum
  Washington Naval Yard
  Washington, DC

Here she is on the hard ready to be de-boned and shipped off to Washington DC for conservation and indoor static display. The HNSA will complete the process of returning her to the 33 ft open ketch rigged sailing steam auxilliary as she was originally built when she began service in the US Navy around 1913. She was carried aboard a warship and used for ship to shore, etc.

Most all of the tugboat features that we all are familiar with from years past at the Delta meets will only be a memory.  The hull and engine are original, The Metzner boiler will be replaced with an original type, I do not know what type that is yet.  Note: All machinery will go to DC, so no bone picking is allowed.

Steve Harcourt and I helped the new owner/donor on Thursday to drain the boiler and machinery of all water for the trip to freezing climates back East.

 I had often wondered what the 30 inch tall steel tripod/tabernacle on the deck was. It is actually the original mount for a deck gun. A black powder one-pounder is in DC already awaiting to be set into place. I am told this is the correct armament - cool
It could be that there was a breech-loading bronze deck cannon for line launching mounted here, and that would make more sense.

I will try to get more info and restoration photos as the project moves on.
John Woodson - admin

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