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Indian January
Bethel Island ~ 2009

by John Woodson
photos by Bilge-Rat

We had 75 deg days here for the past week - 4 friends stayed here Monday - Wednesday.
Harcourt, Harcourt, Butterman & Cardoza. [Delta Legal?]

The Sandin steamer is here for the winter. We have been steaming/chuffing for last 2 days - what fun in the middle of "Indian January".

Not enough daylight yet to make a Stockton round trip, but we will try that this spring.
We had 2 perfect days steaming/chuffing around the south delta.  Tuesday we were headed for Tinsley Island to check out the St Francis Yacht Club facilities, but we started late and dawdled too much along the way, exploring abandoned island camps and backwaters. We had to turn back 4 miles from our destination because the low 7ft clearance, Bacon Island Rd bridge was scheduled to close operation at 5pm. That bridge had to open for us to return, see photo below.
We will embark earlier in the day next time.
GoogleEarth - find Stockton, then follow the ship channel west. Next to Medford Island is smaller Tinsley Island inside a barrier island, the South Hampton Lighthouse from SF Bay is there now.  There should be a couple of blue dots you can click on to display photos.  We will make it there next voyage!   Also find B&W Resort, click on blue dots there to see a few boat pix I have posted there for all to see. 

     ~ Click photos to enlarge ~    Thanks for the great pix Wesley




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