Steam in Switzerland

Dampflokomotiv- und Maschinenfabrik DLM AG 
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Modern Steam is alive and well in Switzerland. The current production of steam locomotives and ships engines by DLM is filling a demand for steam powered transportation in this region of spectacular lakes and mountain top destinations.

Please check out the DLM website for some very interesting Steam News.

8 Paddle Steamers provide transportation on Switzerlands spectacular lakes.

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 2 new DLM rack locos ready for delivery  Rack loco at work  Rack loco haul passengers in the baggage car   Daily service is all-weather service  Early steam rack loco

  Montreux was originally powered by steam, converted to diesel, now under steam again  Montreux steam engines by DLM on the test bed  Montreux engines installed, crank end as seen by passengers  Montreux engines crank at work - notice the passenger guard railing  Montreux under old steam

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