Steam Clinic 2011

by Pat Farrell


Hi Students,
     After three days of steam clinic discussion, and steaming around the county every day, I think I can now rest in my easy chair.
     Sorry,  I didn't get photos of all the cars that were on our tours. .  We were having just too much fun! A few missing are Bob Ullrich's Model K, Farrell's Mt. Wagon and Farrell's model 85.  Photos attached are of the 1911 Stanley model 63 of Rich Anderson's, John Kieper's 1919 Stanley 735B, and Ron Schroeder's 1921 735B. 
     Our steam clinic was very successful and a lot was covered in it.  When our "students" were steaming up their cars, it easily  brought to my attention that 3 days of the steam clinic is just not enough time to fully prepare the students to all the challenges of their Stanley steamers.  Everyone needed a lot more hands on experience.
Thank you for attending



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