Canadian HCCA Tour July 2007

By Pat Farrell

  Paul and Martha Carter - 1908 White Model L


Dear John,

    We have been busy working this summer, but not without having fun along the way,  Attached is a photo of Paul and Martha  Carter's 1908 White Model L.  It toured with us in the July 12-15, 2007 Canadian HCCA tour  without any problems and it won a trophy for the best car.  It deserved the trophy. 

Also Vern and Pat Wellburn in their 1911 Stanley Model 62 Roadster

On this tour we took our 1916 Mt. Wagon and had a full load of family.  I did have to take a break from touring one day and replace a boiler feed water check valve. We all had fun. 



    Pat and Vern Wellburn - 1911 Stanley Model 62  
      Steam Geiser - Pat Farrell - 1916 Stanley Mt Wagon Model 826  
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