1899 Locomobile

Michel Beuvens (Belgium)

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I need these 2 gauges (air and steam)

    During the fifties, this car was part of the Burkhart Museum in Martinsburg (West Virginia). Alan Kelso saw it there in 1961 or 1962. It came to Europe in 1995, and I bought it last year. After some months of work (new boiler, new pistons, new wheel bearings, new rear axle shafts, etc...) I am now enjoying it on the road.

It's a 1900 style 3, chassis nr 851, with original victoria top. I think the side lamps are original Locomobile.
One of the photographs shows the boiler which was on the car : I wonder to know how they made such a domed boiler ? Another photograph shows the pre-heating apparatus (which is working well). 
I need the 2 gauges (air and steam) : these on the car are of Victor make and looks too modern for the car.
If somebody know something about the history of this car, I would be happy to know.

Kind regards,
Michel Beuvens (Belgium)

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