Stanley Sightings
Bill Bender
Colonel, USAF (Retired and traveling)


'03 Stanley  '21 Stanley Model 735B

Hi John,  Saw these Steamers at the Central Texas Museum of Automotive History [near Bastrop].  Enjoy

                :)  Bill


10modelr.jpg (78755 bytes)  09modelr.jpg (73660 bytes)  

Hi, John.  I'm in Pittsburgh and went to the Carnegie Carriage & Car Museum today.  They have two Stanleys, both Model R Roadsters.

One is an '09 that Charlie Johnson in Lancaster restored, and what a job!  

Looks like it just came off the assembly line.  

And a '10 that's pretty nice, too.  

Thought you might enjoy the pix.


'05 Stanley Steamer Model E Roadster.JPG (65151 bytes)

1905 Stanley, Model E - Crawford Auto Museum, Cleveland, Oh.

Bill Bender

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