32nd Sacramento River Delta
Steamboat Regatta

B&W 2006

Photos by John Woodson

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Sternwheeler Riverboat  Steve Harcourt - S.L. Geo. H. Sandin

Riverboat from Sacramento - John Lucas  

Sternwheel River Steamer S.L. Lauren from Sacramento - John, Jenny & Pancho



Robert Dessert
and son Mitchell

Geo H. Sandin
Steve Harcourt

Pete Moale


 Ron/Roxanne Parola

From Shenandoah
Photo by Haskey



Mojo at B&W, 8 hp Hicks powered - John Woodson - Bethel Island
Mojo - Hicks powered
John Woodson
Cheng Tse

   S.L. Flyer - Andy Van Lunen

 Andy Van Lunen

Steamboats at B&W

Columbia River Fish boat
Harcourt Hervey
Cheng Tse
Al & Sue Dunlap

Steam Siren by Jerry Blain  

Steam Powered
  Margarita Grinder
by Ron Parola
Richard Vennerbeck


Steam Siren
by Jerry Blain
Click here for info


Steam Buggy 
Mike and Loretta Kenney

John Bothwell -
Case traction engine model

Korths Pirate's Lair
Delta Loop

Piper Cub &
Geo H. Sandin
Delta Loop

Mojo Landing
Bethel Island

Bamboo Hut
Bethel Island


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